Frequently Asked Questions

What are your products made of? 

It’s important to us that these items are made in the most sustainable way possible. To do that, we partnered with Ethical Swag, a woman-owned B Corp based in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada, that is dedicated to using business as a source for good. Ethical Swag only works with suppliers that have passed strict audits related to social compliance, environmental impact, product safety, supply chain security and product quality. For example, the luggage tags are made from post-industrial recycled styrene plastic material, and the travel pen is made from recycled plastic bottles. The notebook pages and covers are colored with organic, soy-based inks and are Made in Canada with 90% recycled materials. You can dive into more details like this in our product descriptions. 


Where are your products made?

We want to make sure all of our products are practical and made in the most sustainable way possible. The manufacturing for most of our products was coordinated in by Ethical Swag. Most were made in Canada or the US. Making these products sustainably costs more than cheaper versions but we think it’s worth it to avoid creating more clutter. 


Are you planning to create more JourneyWoman accessories? 

Absolutely! The original idea came from Evelyn, who developed the large luggage tag you see on our site, in response to reader requests. We would love to develop more if readers want to share the JourneyWoman spirit! If you have ideas about what you would like, let us know! 


Are you considering making more products in partnership with artists or creators, as you did with the Sassy Flamingo bandana? 

Absolutely! We know there are many talented artists within the JourneyWoman community, and we’d love to find ways to work with you and share your talent with the world. Reach out to to start the conversation! 


Where do proceeds go? 

Over the past two years, we have donated proceeds from our events, webinars and book clubs to non-profit organizations around the world, primarily to support the welfare of women, education, our earth and animal conservation. We also invite you to make a $1.99 donation to Tree Sisters to help reforest the earth when you purchase any of our products. You can read the full list of organizations that our readers have supported here.  

Because we believe in giving back, we’ll keep doing this but will focus our efforts on a smaller number of organizations so that we can build true partnerships with each and seek to deepen our impact. We are in the process of determining that now and welcome any of your ideas. 


How much is shipping?

Shipping costs have gone up dramatically during the pandemic. Shipping is a flat rate of $12 within Canada and $15 to the U.S. Packages are sent via Canada Post Expedited, which is the most affordable option with tracking. For small items, we can send regular mail at a cost of $5. We actually lose money on shipping, that's how expensive it is. As a small business, we simply cannot afford to pay for shipping costs, so we fully appreciate that this may not be cost-effective for you right now. However, if you choose to purchase our products, know that you are helping us and that we are helping a non-profit organization in return. 


Can I pick up my order?

Yup, just choose "local pick up" at checkout. Pick up is available in Port Hope, Ontario, Canada.


How does the Pay-What-You-Can pricing work on the Tip Sheets? 

The Pay-What-You-Can model acknowledges that tips that we’ve curated are formed from a partnership – many of them came from you, our readers. However, it takes time for our editorial team to curate them, and for a designer to make them beautiful. Rather than charge a set fee, we’ll let you decide what’s fair. We just ask that you not replicate or republish them or forget to attribute the content to JourneyWoman. If you’d like to order a larger quantity or have them customized for a tour group or event, let us know. We can also provide these in an e-book format. 


Why are we charging in USD? 

Like many e-commerce websites, Shopify requires that we charge in one currency. Given JourneyWoman has readers all over the world, we’ve priced our products in USD to account for currency fluctuations. This helps us keep our prices consistent for our readers. We are cognizant that this may be inconvenient for some, but we’ll make every effort to offer Canadians special pricing whenever we can. For example, on our private Community Circle Forum, we host this on our website and provide a discount code to equalize the identity verification fee. 


How long will my order take? 

We are a small team but our goal is to send orders out on a weekly basis. Depending on where you are and the speed of the mail service, we hope to have your order to you within two weeks. 


Do you take returns? 

Yes, if a product arrives damaged, we will replace it. Other returns will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  


Who can I contact with questions, ideas or inquiries? 

Reach out anytime to Carolyn Ray, Publisher at